Crazy Vegas Casino

Crazy Fun with Crazy Vegas Online Casino

Among the several types of pokies on offer at our casino, one of the most popular is Crazy Vegas the five reel, 20 pay line video slot game, created by the iconic software giant, Realtime Gaming (RTG).

As its name implies, Crazy Vegas is all about the good life in the ultimate Sin City, Las Vegas. Everything that you know and love about this Nevada Mecca is represented on the five reels of Crazy Vegas pokie, ranging from showgirls to Elvis, and an emcee, as well as gambling paraphernalia such as dice, cards, roulette, crap, different coloured chips and more. Combine all those bright coloured animated graphics with the sound features that reflect the buzz and excitement of a true Las Vegas floor, and you have yourself a winner!. Check out uk online casinos list for more.

Betting Options

It is clear that RTG created a slots game that caters to all pocket sizes, and you’ll find coin values ranging from $0.01 to $5. The maximum number of coins per line you can wager is one, and the most you can wager is a cool $100 – certainly something that will appeal to high roller gamblers.

Crazy Vegas Slots Jackpots

One of the biggest appeal factors of this pokie is the fact that you can walk away very rich by hitting one of the excellent jackpots in the game. For one, you’ll be able to enjoy a random progressive jackpot that is not dependent on landing any specific icons and adds a super element to the game. At the end of any random spin, you’ll be able to hit this massive, fast-climbing jackpot and become a big winner in an instant.

The highest fixed jackpot in Crazy Vegas slots is 6,000 coins which you will be able to win if you land five Cash symbols. The second highest jackpot is 3,000 coins, paid out when you land either five Elvis icons or five Showgirl icons. The third highest jackpot is a cool 2,000 coins for landing five Crazy Vegas symbols. Check out the pay table to understand which symbols to look out for on the reels.

Crazy Vegas Slots Symbols

Look out for the Crazy Vegas icon which acts as the wild symbol in the game and pays out accordingly when it completes a winning combination.

In addition to acting as the wild symbol, the Crazy Vegas icon is also the scatter symbol in the game and starts getting interesting when you land three or more on the reels. Wagers will get multiplied by 5, 20 or even 100 times (!) when you land 3, 4, or 5 scatter Crazy Vegas symbols respectively.

Bonus Features

At Casino Midas we say: no good game is good without a great bonus feature. Well, Crazy Vegas pokie has two of these super features! The first is the Free Spins feature which you can trigger when you land three Free Spins Chips on reels number two, three or four. While you can’t re trigger these free spins, you’ll enjoy multiplied payouts on your spins which more than makes up for this.

The second bonus feature is the Big Bonus game which you can activate by landing the Big Bonus symbol on reels one and five. This second screen game allows you play an exciting wheel of fortune type game which determines the multiplier amount of your total bet. You could win up to 20,000 coins through the Big Bonus game! Dont you want to start playing immediately? You should know that at Casino Midas you can immediately access to the non download version of the game and, if you would like to try this pokie without spending real money, you can always have a look at the free version!


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