As of January 1, 2019, ODDS LLC (Objective Decentralized Decision System LLC, a Wyoming based entity) and all related subsidiaries have discontinued their efforts in bringing the project, company, and intellectual property to fruition.

The closure of ODDS LLC is a precautionary measure in response to the Department of Justice’s reinterpretation of the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 which potentially puts any operators or entities associated with online gambling at risk of violating US Federal Law. This decision is also an effort to remain complicit with the increasing regulatory measures brought upon the cryptocurrency industry.

Until there is definitive clarity in the aforementioned matters, it is the intent of ODDS LLC, it’s subsidiaries, and all affiliated officers, employees, personnel, board members, and advisors to cease involvement in totality with the Online / Terrestrial Gambling, and cryptocurrency industries.

ODDS LLC and all subsidiaries have elected to not renew their business licenses or US Securities Exchange Commission filings, and have ended operations in totality.

ODDS LLC and all subsidiaries will not attempt to sell, transfer, delegate, or renew ownership of their business or intellectual property, in part or whole without explicit consent and approval by US regulatory agencies.

- The ODDS LLC Team