Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters Pokies Online

Among the many types of pokies available ar our lobby, one that ticks all the boxes when it comes to entertainment and reward is Crystal Waters, a five reel, 20 pay line slot machine by RTG that promises great underwater action and a pace that belies the tranquil title of the game.

Everything about Crystals Waters leans towards its marine theme, beginning with the watery font to the exotic island background complete with blue skies and seas. The icons on the reels include various sea life such as the Marine Turtle and Dolphins, as well as Yachts, Shells and more. These icons are complemented by high poker cards such as Ace and King.

Betting Options

This pokie offers a full range of betting options with multiple coin sizes, beginning with just 0.01c and reaching to $5. The maximum number of coins you can bet in one spin is 20. This allows you to start with very small bets (you can also try this slot for free if you want!) and decide every time if you feel like increasing them. What’s more fun that the freedom to enjoy a game at your own pace?

Crystal Waters Slot Jackpots

First and foremost, Crystal Waters boasts a progressive jackpot which can be hit anytime after the spin of the reels. This random element of the game makes it very exciting for players and could leave them walking away with life-changing sums of money. The top fixed jackpot is 4,000 credits, which is hit when the player lands four Sea Turtle icons and one Dolphin icon land on the reels. The second largest jackpot is 2,500 credits, hit with four Tropical Fish and one Dolphin icon. The third largest jackpot in this game is triggered by landing five Sea Turtle icons or, alternatively, four Cockleshells and one Dolphin/Seahorse icon. All in all, players stand to win up to 65,000 credits if they hit the top 4,000 credit jackpot and multiply it with the bonus features. All in all, with the wild and scatter symbols, players are looking at 36 winning combinations in this slot game.

Crystal Waters Slot Symbols

The wild symbol in Crystal Waters slot is the Dolphin symbol which substitutes for a vast range of other symbols (besides the Yacht symbol) to form winning combinations. The Dolphin doesn’t land on all reels, however, and you should look out for it on reels two and four. All winnings are doubled when you land at least two Dolphin icons on the reels. The Dolphin symbol also acts as a wild card in other combinations to pay out even more. For example, if you land a bonus fish symbol and a Dolphin symbol on the reels, you’ll see your payouts multiplied 16 times over.

The Yacht is the scatter symbol and three or more of them will automatically trigger the Free Spins bonus feature (more of that below).

Bonus Feature

By landing three scatter symbols, you’ll activate the Free Spins bonus feature and you’ll be instantly rewarded with 15 free spins. During this feature, an extra Bonus Fish is added to the reels and you could see your payouts multiplied by up to 8 times without a wild or 16 times with a wild symbol. If things go your way, you could be looking at a maximum payout of 64,000 coins.


The phrase ‘still waters run deep’ comes to mind when playing this pokie at our online casino. While the game looks serene and tranquil initially, the pace picks up immediately when payouts come fast and furiously and free spins are landed at every turn. Do not lose time, register and enjoy this and many other games that we offer at Casino Midas!