History of Casino


History of Casino

Betting is something that people all over the world indulge in. There are literally hundreds and thousands of places all over the world where players can bet and play in, and they go by a wide range of names such as pachinko parlors, bingo halls, lottery ticket outlets, racing tracks, poker rooms, casinos, and so on. The most interesting thing about betting all over the world is that it is hardly the same in two places. Each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations. While some permit betting only on games of skill, others permit this activity on a wider range of games. Some countries limit the amount players can bet on games, while some countries limit the amount of money players can win from a game. Besides, casinos worldwide are designed in different ways and have different offerings in a bid to attract different types of people. While some casinos focus on attracting tourists, others focus on creating a nice gaming place for the locals.

Early Forms of Gaming

Casinos way back when people were playing the earliest betting games were hardly called casinos in the modern sense of the term. A study of the different forms of gaming in different cultures shows that betting is among the earliest ways in which people entertained themselves. There is evidence to show that the Chinese were the first to bet on dice games in 2,300 BC. The casinos of the ancient times were mostly sports betting outlets. The ancients were fond of betting on various types of sports events. Research shows that sports betting shops used to exist in China far back in 1000 BC. The gladiator battles of Rome also appear to be one of the earliest forms of sports betting.

History of Gaming

Casino historians still have a great deal to learn about early casino’s history. Records of gaming exist in China, but historians believe that ancients in almost every country around the globe used to bet. The history of countries such as Greece, France, England, Rome, India and others is full of stories about how people used to enjoy this kind of activity. European casinos way back when it was the early seventeenth century were not exactly called casinos. The earliest gaming house in Europe was known as the Ridotto and was built in Venice in 1638 to establish control over the way people bet during the Carnival season. Early American casinos way back when the country was in its infancy were known as saloons. Major American cities such as St. Louis, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Chicago had a number of saloons, which gave people the chance to socialize and bet. In the early twentieth century, gaming was banned, after which it was legalized and regulated in Nevada only in 1931.

Internet Gaming

Online casinos way back when the Internet was just born had online versions of commonly available brick-and-mortar casino games. Since early casinos online were few and far between, there was hardly any competition among them. Today online casino gaming is a booming industry, and more people are getting attracted to it. Modern online casinos compete to provide a unique gaming experience to players and include services such as live gaming and mobile gaming in their portfolios. One of the best casinos online for New Zealand players is CasinoMidas.co.nz, which belongs to Casino Midas. Licensed in Netherlands Antilles, the online casino offers a rich portfolio of casino games and great bonuses.

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